Disaster Preparedness and You

Windows - Blue Screen of Death
The infamous Windows Blue Screen of Death

Businesses today run on information; contact information, sales data, inventory, production, and on and on… We collect this data and store it in the hopes that it will provide insights that make us better, faster, stronger.

In 2018, nearly four hundred million hard drives were sold worldwide (Global Shipments of hard disk drives (HDD) 2010-2018 | Statistics, 2019). At an average drive capacity of two and-a-half terabytes we are adding around an exabyte (a billion terabytes) of capacity every year, a staggering number to be sure.

The good folks at Backblaze, a California-based online storage provider, have graciously published hard drive performance for the last five years. If you are thinking about buying a hard drive, I encourage you to take a look there. What we see is an average annual failure rate, across the various drives, of about 5%.

Consider this: at a 5% annual failure rate we are looking at nearly twenty million hard drive failures each year. Statistically you have fairly good odds of avoiding a failure but 5% is not insignificant. Over the next two years your odds jump to around 8% and by year 4 nearly 20% of all drives will fail: 20%… 1 in 5 drives won’t last 5 years. Do you like those odds? I know I don’t.

This is why it is literally vital to your business to backup your data. Using a service like Backblaze, a private cloud platform, or even backing up to a secondary local device, can provide security to your business and prevent a catastrophic loss of data like your customer and sales lists, inventory levels, and accounting.

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