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Information Technology is complicated; keeping your point of sale system talking to your inventory management system, correcting the printer error after a Microsoft update, or even adding a 'SALE' banner to your website takes time away from revenue generating activites for your business.

But what can you do? You need your technology to run smoothly but the average wage for a helpdesk technician, according to Payscale, is nearly $34,000 per year. A Systems Administrator averages over $63,000 per year. What is the solution?

Daedalus Digital. For a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time, on-site IT professional, Daedalus Digital can provide the same level of technical support or better. We will monitor your systems and proactively manage them. We will ensure your technology is properly updated and working together as intended. Should something arise that cannot be resolved remotely, a technician will be dispatched quickly to resolve the issue.

Let us be the IT Department you've always dreamed of...

Managed IT Strategies

  • Proactive, 24/7/365 monitoring of your systems
  • Patch Management
  • Anti-Virus/Malware
  • Routine Status Updates
  • Image-Based Backups

Analyze Your Business

The unfortunate answer to this question is 'it varies by the level of service you want.' BUT, on average, you can expect to pay between $75 and $150 per workstation managed per month. You may think this is high but the total is far less than hiring a full-time staffer to do the job. In addition, that staffer will have a single set of skills. With Daedalus, you gain access to the entire body of knowledge across our business.
While we do offer discounts for set term contracts, we believe our high-quality services should the reason you stay so we offer a range of options for you to choose from.
Easy answer... There is a button just up and to the left; press it and tell us you'd like to start a conversation about how Daedalus can help you leverage technology for your business. A low-pressure rep will reach out and discuss your needs and offer you a range of solutions.

About Our Company

Daedalus Digital is a full-service IT Solutions company serving the greater Indianapolis area.